WATCH: Capitals’ Rechlicz destroys Milan Lucic in preseason fight

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In the Washington Capitals’ preseason game against the Boston Bruins Monday night, Joel Rechlicz, a player with a reputation for dropping the gloves, showed that besides winning shootouts he can also destroy one of the toughest players in hockey in a one-on-one bout. That player being Milan Lucic of the Bruins who decided to drop gloves with “Wrecker” and got demolished.

The fight lasting nearly a minute was a close match up with a mix of left and right blows directly to the face which left both players bloody. Although the hit count between the two was almost equal, most announcers speculated from what they could see that Rechlicz won the fight after landing close to 5 punches onto Lucic’s face. Check out the fight here and let us know what you think:



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