WATCH: Caps’ Grabovski with “100 mph” penalty shot

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One of the most interesting plays in the NHL is the penalty shot. That is one of the biggest reasons that games no longer end in ties, but teams go to a shoot out. The NHL wanted to draw the fans in and ultimately give them a winner and loser. On Sunday night, Washington Capitals forward Mikhail Grabovski earned an old fashioned penalty shot.

Grabovski got out ahead of the New York Rangers defense and forced a penalty that resulted in a penalty shot. What happened next is very rare. Not many players take a slap shot for a penalty shot, often they fake it and try to get the goaltender to flinch or give up his first move.

Henrik Lundqvist, of the Rangers, simply did not move. He most likely expected Grabovski to fake it and keep moving on, however he got one heck of a surprise with the result. As Capitals’ announcer, and former player, Craig Lauglin says during the broadcast, “I wanna see more players do this, why not?” Either way it was a great goal for Grabovski and the Capitals.



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