WATCH: NBC affiliate interview Karl Alzner, and doesn’t know who he is

  • Michael Prosser

Arlington, Virginia was rocked earlier this week with a deadly crash, killing a 39-year-old woman, which caused citizens in the area to call for drastic measures to change the policies of the area in regards to speeding. One of those citizens was Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner; something that the local NBC station didn’t even recognize.

When stopped and asked how he felt about the speeding and the incident, Alzner pushed for speed bumps to be placed on the narrow street, but while being interviewed, none of the crew even acknowledged that the person in the vehicle being interviewed was the former 5th overall pick in the 2007 NHL Draft out of the Calgary Hitman, a man who won back-to-back Calder Cups with the Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League, and a man who during the 09-10 Finals against the Texas Stars scored the game winning goal in the 4-0 rout in Game 7.

While it is understandable that most of the focus was supposed to be on the tragic event that happened that morning, it does seem a bit strange that in an area where the Capitals are so loved, where Red is seen throughout, one of their best was not recognized.



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