DC Council votes 10-0 in favor of Redskins changing team name

  • Jim Racalto


Whether or not Washington Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder will succumb to the mounting pressure to change the team name to something that isn’t offensive to Native Americans remains to be seen. It’s been a hot topic of conversation for a couple years now.  Recently, for the second time in history, the D.C. Council has voted that the Redskins should change the team name. The vote was a landslide 10-0 for a resolution to changing the name.

The kicker here is that this council has absolutely no say or control over what the Redskins do. So I personally don’t see this as a big deal, because I highly doubt Daniel Snyder will worry about what a bunch of people with no power over him have to say. He’s maintained that he will not change the name, but I think it will happen sooner rather than later with pressure coming from all angles.

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