Does Robert Griffin III have a girl on the side?

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image from @bustedcoverage link

image from @bustedcoverage link

Ok Washington Redskins fans take a deep breath now that you read the headline. Good now? Alright, well after bustedcoverage (@bustedcoverage on twitter) tweeted out this gem:


The world of twitter has blown up, at least in the Washington D.C. area. BustedCoverage is being crucified by Washington Redskins fans because the evidence is a bit shaky. Meredith Barber, the supposed side piece, deleted all tweets included in Busted Coverage’s article. Sure she is more than welcome to do that, it is her page. However while responding to a tweet from @BallHogsRadio, @WilkesonWarpath and @HTTR24_7 we received this response (which was almost instantly deleted):



Once this goes mainstream it will be a hot topic of discussion in Griffin’s next interview, most likely the first week of training camp. However as pointed out by a Redskins fan on twitter you can make up any contact name and have someone send a text:


For what it is worth, I will believe in Griffin’s innocence until he is proven guilty. Everyone wants to take advantage of someone who is famous and why not go after one of the biggest stars in one of sports’ biggest market? Redskins fans will most likely stick by RG3 to hell and back, however let’s just hope he hasn’t given the fan base a reason to not believe in him.


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