Redskins radio host quits job over DeSean Jackson signing

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Chris Russell on left Photo Credit:

Chris Russell on left Photo Credit:

ESPN980 Redskins radio host, Chris Russell, did not want the Washington Redskins to sign free agent wide receiver DeSean Redskins. On the air, Friday afternoon, Chris Russell had this to say:

Listen, and I’ll say this on the radio. And [VP of Programming  Chuck] Sapienza might get mad at me, but I’ll quit if the Redskins sign DeSean Jackson, ok?

That literally gave Russell a 50/50 chance of having a job. Russell didn’t stop with just offering up his job if the team signed Jackson, he also went on to say this:

To me, this is the last thing the Redskins – even though it would potentially hurt the Eagles and it could draw [Washington] closer to the top of the division – this is the LAST  thing the Redskins, in my opinion, should ever consider or need to take on

Well, Chris Russell is a man of his word and this morning, while on the air, quit his job. This is what Russell tweeted out just before he got on the air:


There isn’t any audio that has been released yet of Russell saying that he quit, but those listening heard his resignation on the radio. Fans/listeners took to twitter to say this:



Only time will tell if this is true or if Chris Russell was just using this as a publicity stunt. As of now, Russell is a man of his word and is now unemployed. Follow him on twitter @russellmania980 and see if he stays off the air.


UPDATE: Since this happened this morning, it has come out that Russell will not be quitting. Check out what he had to say here!

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