WATCH: Redskins fan cries over not getting autographs

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Today marked the official opening of Training Camp with the Washington Redskins and one fan had a less than stellar experience.

For all intents and purposes lets call this fan “Pam” (we’re going to change her name as a precaution to not offend anyone). “Pam” decided to take off work today to attend this event hoping to get at least one autograph. But when “Pam” doesn’t get one autograph because “no players came to the side I was on”, the irate and crushed fan took to YouTube and told her story to the world.

While a part of me feels sorry for this devout Redskins fan, most of me can’t help but to wonder why? Why all the waterworks “Pam”? Having been to a training camp before (not a Redskins one though) I to have experienced a favorite player not signing autographs. Some of them are too tired to sign from a hard practice. Some of them could just be downright jerks. But when players do sign, usually the children come first! How often do kids get to see their favorite players up close like that? Hardly ever! “Pam” is a grown woman, and the fact that this woman is acting like a five year old is, well allow me to quote Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club, “…demented and sad…”

If you truly were hellbent on getting an autograph “Pam” you would have not stayed in one spot, but rather moved on down the line to a new spot. Nothing good comes from being stag (unless you’re at a prom but that’s beside the point).

But for now we get to sadly laugh at your misfortunes. Yet another Redskins fan marching to the beat of their own drum down the “Trail of Tears.”

UPDATE 10:05 pm
The video was marked as private by the user. However DC Sports Kings was able to still acquire the video

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