Caps’ Holtby releases his Winter Classic helmet

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Swedish artist David Gunnarsson, who has a reputation of creating some of the best helmet designs in all of hockey, released the photos of his newest creations. This one just happened to be for Washington Capitals’ netminder Braden Holtby, who had his current mask created by Gunnarsson. Gunnarsson titled the piece “Number 70 of the Capitals.” The mask is specifically made to follow the design of the Caps’ third jerseys, the same sweaters which they sported in the Winter Classic back in 2011.

Gunnarsson spoke with RMNB on Facebook on how he came up with this creation:

It was very exciting to create this old school piece. I came up with the design an early summer morning. The goal was a design that delivers in all angles.

The whole design is built on Capitals third uniform. On a distance the design is a clean classic design in total sync with the uniform, and the closer you come Holtby’s artwork it is transforming into a full-blown tribute to the Capital city of America.

I just love to create details, and the american bald eagles painted in this Washington Capitals design is the key to explore the design.

This is the second mask that Braden Holtby will debut this season in net, his other one features a jailed eagle that says “don’t feed the animal” which he had made in September and has worn ever since.


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