Kevin Hart says N-word ‘not the same’ as Redskins team name

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via LiveNation

via LiveNation

There has been a lot of debate about the name ‘Redskin’ and how offensive it is.  Some such as New Orleans Saints’ cornerback and former Redskins player Champ Bailey, have compared it to the N-word.

Kevin Hart, comedian and actor, doesn’t think the word is the same at all.  Speaking to CNN’s Don Lemon to promote his new movie ‘Think Like A Man Too’, Lemon asked Hart if the Redskins’ name was offensive in the same way as the N-word.

“Well, I ain’t never called nobody no ‘Redskin,’  I’ve never been mad like, ‘Get out'”

The debate surrounding the name is not going to go away any time soon.  The U.S. Patents and Trademark Office recently canceled the Redskins trademark calling it ‘disparaging’.  The CEO of FedEx – the company who sponsors the home stadium of the Redskins – declined to get involved.

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