Nationals’ Werth named NL Player of the Month

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Right fielder for the Washington Nationals, Jayson Werth, was announced as the National League Player of the Month for July. Werth, who is the first Nationals position player to be named as the NL Player of the Month since the Nats arrived in DC in 2005 recorded the stats to back this award. Announced by MLB on Twitter, Werth hit 33-for-90 in July along with 7 homeruns and a NL-league high 22 RBIs.

Werth is hitting .305/.374/.504 in 305 appearances at the plate which ranks him in the top 15 among NL batters with a minimum of 300 plate appearances. With him averaging  .375/.402/.636 in the month of July, it is easy enough to say that this is Werth’s best month in a Washington Nationals’ uniform.

Although injury caused Werth to miss a majority of the month of May, July proved his abilities in the major league. Despite being 34-years-old, Werth proves to be one of the Nationals’ biggest assets when he is healthy and has put up some of the biggest stats for the team, with July being one of the most influential.


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