Redskins’ RG3 fined $10,000 for apparel violation

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Robert Griffin III was fined $10,000 by the NFL for an apparent “apparel violation” earlier today. Griffin received the fine after wearing a t-shirt that said “Operation Patience” on it during warm ups before the Redskins’ game against the Steelers at FedEx Field. RG3 created “Operation Patience” to voice his feelings regarding his time away from playing during his recovery from his recent knee surgery.

Even though Griffin didn’t play in the game and only participated in warm ups, the NFL has a strict policy that states that you are not allowed to wear unauthorized apparel during periods of time on game days that the player becomes visible to television viewers or stadium audiences, warm ups do in fact count.

This also isn’t the first time that RG3 has been fined for his clothing by the league. Last December Griffin was fined $10,000 for wearing his Adidas clothing to a postgame interview. Although this doesn’t necessarily sound like a big deal, it is to the NFL who is endorsed by Nike, the league’s official apparel supplier.





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