WATCH: Wizards’ Wall tries to intimidate Vince Carter

  • Michael Prosser

We all know John Wall is one of the NBA’s rising stars in the league and will have a long career in Washington as the face of the Wizards. We also know the legend of Vince Carter; how he built basketball in Toronto, lead the New Jersey Nets to the NBA Finals, and became one of the leagues premier dunkers in the 2000’s.  But in last night’s game between the Wizards and Mavericks, Wall tried to beet Carter at his own game, and Carter wasn’t impressed.

Wall, who is having arguably the best season of his career so far, spun around Carter for two points and immediately got in Carter’s face, started pounding his chest, and looked like Carter did back in his heyday. But instead of Carter getting all upset about the whole thing, all Vinsanity did was laugh it off.

It’s no doubt that Wall is having a great year, and his spin move around Carter was impressive, but to get in his face like that may have been a bit immature, considering the Mavericks came back in the fourth quarter to beat the Wiz 87-78, outscoring the Wizards 28-17 in the last quarter.

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