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DeAndre Hopkins thinks he can be better than Andre Johnson

  • Andy Flint


Texans’ wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, comes up with a huge touchdown for the Texans in overtime, as they go on to win on Sunday by a score of 30-24 over the visiting Titans.

Here’s a clip of the athletic grab by Hopkins:

After the game, Hopkins, perhaps still hyped from his big TD grab, said that he feels like he can be better than Texans great, Andre Johnson.

“I feel like I can be better than Andre,” Hopkins said. “That’s my mindset. And that’s what Andre tells me. (He says) Don’t try to shadow yourself when you know you can be better.”

I’m all about self confidence, and Andre Johnson is clearly a standup guy, and a great mentor to this young receiver, but becoming a better player than Andre might be like filling the shoes of Shaquille O’Neal. While the skill of Hopkins is there, Andre Johnson has a model of what an elite NFL receiver is over the past 11 seasons.

Johnson left Sunday’s game with a possible concussion. His status is unknown at this time.

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