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DeAngelo Williams vs. Fred Jackson

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Fred Jackson and DeAngelo Williams are two of the most  underrated running backs in the game. But which one trumps the other in this week’s matchup?

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Fred Jackson

The NFL has become a league of the underdog. And no one has been a bigger underdog than Mr. Fred Jackson. Coming out of Division III Coe College, Jackson has shown his abilities to be not only a top notch runner, but also a pretty decent receiver out of the backfield(39 rec, 442 yards in 2011). Before a leg injury derailed his 2011 season, Jackson racked up 934 yards with a healthy 5.5 yards-per-carry average  and six touchdowns. Jackson’s only flaw may be that he plays for the Bills. In 2011, Jackson’s carries dropped in the fourth quarter due to the Bills being down numerous games going into the final quarter.

DeAngelo Williams

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DeAngelo Williams, one-half of the duo Double Trouble (Jonathan Stewart being the other half) has had a rough past couple of seasons. After an injury riddled 2010, Williams came back, only to struggle in 2011, though that possibly could be attributed to a lack of preparation caused by the NFL lockout and lack of practices over the summer. But without a doubt, DeAngelo showed at times this past season that he is a huge gamebreaker with his speed and agility when he’s got the rock in his hands. But nonetheless when healthy and focused, Williams  is a threat to break runs and cause problems for the opposing defenses every Sunday.


Look at both players body of work, you would say that Fred Jackson has the edge over DeAngelo Williams. Well, you’re correct and that’s who I am going with this week. While Jackson came into the league a year later, older, and has had less carries(996-817 disadvantage) than Williams, Jackson has made the most of his opportunities than Williams despite what the rushing numbers tell.

Winner: Fred Jackson

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