Dennis Rodman meets dad after 42 years of separation

  • Jason Whitney

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman, has finally met his estranged father after 42 years of separation (AP)

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman, has finally met his estranged father after 42 years of separation. They met in the Philippines after an exhibition game featuring former players Horace Grant, Mitch Richmond and Scottie Pippen. Appropriately named Philander, Rodman’s dad has 29 children by 16 different women. The child support bill must be quite pricey

Philander has tried to have contact with Dennis before, but always rejected.

“It was great,” he said Thursday of the first time he held his son’s hands since they last met in December 1969.

“I’ve been trying to meet him for years. And then last night, boom, I met him. I was really, really happy and very surprised,” he told The Associated Press.

According to the USA Today:

Philander, who has been living in the Philippines for nearly 50 years, said he wanted to explain to his son that he didn’t abandon his family in the United States, but they only had time for greetings and handshakes.

He said he spent only about three minutes with his son, who was also busy signing autographs.

“I really, really felt good,” he said. “It’s the beginning of something new.”

Rodman acknowledged his son with seconds to go in the game by grabbing a microphone and pointing him out in the crowd. Rodman has promised his dad he’ll be calling him.

“I don’t hate the guy that brought me into this world,” Dennis Rodman told reporters. “The fact is, if I saw him, I’ll just tell him, ‘You know, you’re a friend of mine.'”



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