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Deron Williams Dunks On Roy Hibbert

  • Andy Flint

New Jersey Nets point guard, Deron Williams, completely yacks on the face of Indiana Pacers center, Roy Hibbert, during the first quarter of Tuesday night’s contest in Indiana.

The three-year pro who carries an average of 1.5 blocks per game will surely need a warm glass of milk and bedtime story tonight. Nightmares of the 6’3 point guard cramming one down might haunt the big fella for the next few weeks.

This Deron Williams smash comes in wake of Blake Griffin’s insane facial on Oklahoma City Thunder’s big man, Kendrick Perkins just the night before.

Let’s just face it, people. Dunks are fun to do and fun to watch. Sorry to the guy on the bottom half of the poster!

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5 Responses to Deron Williams Dunks On Roy Hibbert

  • He used to dunk all the time in Utah. Especially when he was pissed off, he’d go in and slam one in looking like it was nothing! Sigh…. I miss him playing for the Jazz

  • Nice to see the lil guy get to flush one home, but I think it pales in comparison to many other dunks I’ve seen. Every time I see him I think the Knicks could have had him for less than they gave up for Melo…ugh

  • I always get excited when a point guard dunks with POWER on a 7 footer.. Especially a 7 footer who blocks shots. My stand on it is this. We went nuts over Blake Griffin (channeling Stephen A.)who is 6’10, dunks all the time and barley even dunked it on Kenrick Perkins, who gets less blocks per game than Roy Hibbert. Granted, D-Will’s dunk wasn’t as athletic as Blake’s, but come on! Deron deserves praise for that throw-down. He didn’t dunk on Kyle Korver.

  • whoa you didn’t like the Blake Griffin throw down on Perk? That was epic! Did you watch it live? Or see like 400 tweets and posts about the dunk? I know when I hear about a movie and shit that is suppose to hilarious and then watch it, I never find that movie that good. I’m seeing the parallels. Whenever someone pumps something up before you have seen in it always ruins it for me

  • No. I never said I didn’t like it. It was awesome. I just feel like in the wake of that Blake dunk and the LeBron dunk, people were sort of shying away and not giving credit to the Deron dunk. No, I didn’t see it live. But I saw the Deron dunk live and people were trying to say that Hibbert came over late, which is a bogus excuse. He was there with plenty of time, and if being late were at all the case, it was his own fault. The video clearly shows Hibbert watching Deron the entire time.

    I’d rank those 3 dunks in this order.

    1: Blake over Perk
    2: LeBron’s insane HOOOOPPPPSSS!
    3: Deron over Hibbert

    I just thought Deron wasn’t really getting a fair shake into that dunk discussion, and I personally thought it was a GREAT dunk. It was all there. He’s a foot smaller than the defender, the defender is a shot blocker, the defender is 7+ feet tall, it was a point guard flushing it, it was powerful and the point of impact just looked awesome.

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