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Dirk Nowitzki Says Kevin Durant Way Ahead Of Where He Was A 23

  • Jason Whitney

Dirk Nowitzki gave some high praise to the 23 year-old Oklahoma City star, Kevin Durant. Dirk told that not only has Durant exceeded where he was at 23, but he’s also arguably the leagues best player.

“He’s arguably the best player in the league right now,” Nowitzki told over the weekend. “I see a guy that really has no holes.”

Dirk went on to compare each other at the young age of 23 saying, Durant is way ahead of him.

“KD,” Nowitzki says, “is way ahead of my curve….

“He’s a 6-10 guy with a 7-4 wingspan who can shoot it from the parking lot. He’s posting up now. In transition he’s so long that, when he gets a pass from the 3-point line, it’s a layup or dunk with one step. He’s got the one- or two-dribble pull-up, which you need to be a great scorer, because you can’t just shoot 3s or go to the basket if you want to be a great scorer, ’cause sometimes you can’t get all the way to the bucket. He can go both ways, one or two dribbles and up.

“And he’s clutch, too. He’s hit big shot after big shot all season long.”

Very impressive thing to say from the future Hall of Fame Mavericks star. In an era where so many athletes are delusional in themselves, it’s refreshing to see Dirk recognize greatness in the young Kevin Durant. Dirk, by the way, averaged 23 points per contest at the age of 23. KD on the other hand is coming off his third straight scoring title. Add to boot he may get the most important title handed out this year, NBA champions.


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