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Does Jimmy Graham Help Get Seattle Back To The Super Bowl?

  • Jason Whitney

Seattle came within one play of winning back-to-back Super Bowl titles in February. Instead of sitting back and dwelling on it, the Seahawks got to work. They made quite a few moves during the offseason, but the big one was the trade for tight end Jimmy Graham. With another major weapon on offense, can they make it back to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year?

In the past few years, no one has been more dominant in fantasy football leagues at tight end than Jimmy Graham. He Is somebody who is very productive because he is such a huge target for short passes. He should be able to work with Russell Wilson right away and produce a pretty high level. He might not have the same numbers he did in New Orleans, but that has more to do with all the other weapons Seattle has on their roster.

About the only negative from this move is the fact that Graham is going to lose a little bit of value in fantasy football leagues. Pete Carroll likes to run the football, and he still has Marshawn Lynch as a pretty valuable weapon as far as that is concerned. Seattle is still trying to iron out details as far as Wilson’s next contract is concerned, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that he now has a new weapon to utilize as much as possible. He is not the best pure passer in the NFL just yet, but he does do a very good job throwing the short passes and getting people the ball to do work.

Eventually, Seattle is going to be faced with a pretty tough task of trying to come up with the money to keep everybody happy on the roster. At least for 2015, they’re going to be one of the toughest teams in the NFL. In the free agent era, it is extremely difficult to make it to three straight Super Bowls, but Jimmy Graham helps make Seattle a better team so they will have a chance.

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