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Dolphins to bring back Dan Marino for front office role?

  • Jim Racalto

Marino is the best player in Miami Dolphins history. (Credit:

The Miami Dolphins experimented with their former quarterback, Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino, in the front office previously. That experiment didn’t end too well. Marino resigned from his his position as Senior Vice President of Operations after just three weeks in 2004, citing that he wasn’t ready for the adjustments that came with it.

Now, the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross have begun internal discussions about giving Marino another shot. Truth be told, we don’t know how he will fare in a front office role, because he didn’t get far enough into it last time to evaluate his body of work. The franchise is changing its direction, so it won’t hurt having their best player in history along for the ride.

Just having Marino around for the day-to-day happenings will serve as motivation and boost morale, as well as help repair an image that was damaged in 2013 by the Johnathan Marin/Richie Incognito saga. It will still be important for the Dolphins to find the right role for Marino in the front office, but this looks like another step in the right direction for a team that just missed the playoffs last season.

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