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Dolphins WR Brandon Gibson: Bernie Kosar is “immature”

  • Arun Morace
Brandon Gibson swiftly came to the defense of his Rams ex-teammates. Photo: Jeff Weall

Brandon Gibson swiftly came to the defense of his Rams ex-teammates. Photo: Jeff Weall

Bernie Kosar, the former Cleveland Browns quarterback who now does on-air broadcasting for them, has come under fire recently for his comments during last weeks Browns-Rams preseason game. Kosar called the Rams’ receivers “terrible”, and made a disparaging comment about St. Louis backup QB Kellen Clemens, referencing the autograph he gave to the former Pope: “Bless me father for I have sinned. I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter.”

This hasn’t set well with a number of people. St. Louis head coach Jeff Fisher ripped Kosar, saying he’d “lost respect” for him. Browns CEO Joe Banner condemned Kosar’s comments as “unprofessional”. And now, former Rams receiver Brandon Gibson, who played most of the previous four years with St. Louis before signing with Miami this offseason, came to the defense of his ex-teammates.

Via Chris Tomasson, Gibson thought Bernie Kosar was being “immature” and “just trying to stir up news”. Gibson went on to praise both Kellen Clemens and the Rams receivers Kosar had criticized, saying that he had “all the faith in Kellen” to “get the job done”, and that the Rams current wideouts were a group that featured “a lot of explosive talent” and were “going to do a great job”.

In all seriousness, kudos to Gibson for defending his former teammates the way he did.

All seriousness aside- forget getting arrested, it looks like the newest NFL offseason activity is ripping Bernie Kosar. It’ll be interesting to see who piles on next. Stay tuned!

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