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Doug Collins spends nearly $80,000 on Big Macs

  • Jason Whitney

Doug Collins bought the entire Philadelphia 76ers crowd Big Macs

Doug Collins was in a tough predicament last night with his team up 99-80 against the Atlanta Hawks. This is because every time the 76ers score over 100 points, the crowd is rewarded with free Big Macs. So Collins decided to do the honorable choice of  having  Evan Turner dribble out the time. This had the 76ers fans in an uproar. Because, anytime you can get a free burger, you have to do it!

After the home crowd booed off the team, Collins decided to have the public address announcer tell the crowd he’ll purchase the Big Macs. According to Big Macs sell for $4.33. For those of you that aren’t good at math, that is a grand total of $78,204.13. I think next time Collins will tell his team to go for the 100 points!


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