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Top Ten Tattooed NFL Players

More and more in sports, we are seeing the popularity of body ink everywhere. However, there are some players that take their love (and possible obsession) with tattoos to the next level. Colleague Andy Flint ran down the Top Ten NBA Players with serious ink, and it is in that spirit I bring you the Top Ten NFL Players that are tatted up:


10. Vernon Davis > San Francisco 49ers

9. Rey Maualuga > Cincinnati Bengals Continue reading

Report: Colt McCoy Won’t be Traded

On Thursday night during the 2012 NFL Draft, we got  many surprises, especially when the 28 year-old QB from Oklahoma State, Brandon Weeden was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns 22nd overall. Weeden is a great football player, he has a strong arm and is extremely accurate as you can see here: Weeden showing off arm strength

The question now remains will the Browns trade Colt McCoy? McCoy has been the starter for the last few seasons, but hasn’t really done much. Now, you can argue that he hasn’t had the best talent around him, which is true. However, he can’t make the throws that need to be made for that position. McCoy reminds many players of a younger Drew Brees, with his height and his weak arm. If you remember correctly it took Brees a few seasons to get going in this league, and the Browns don’t have that kind of time plain and simple.

Brandon Weeden

I truly believe McCoy will be an above-average quarterback in this league, but not in Cleveland. The Browns have already made it known that they want Weeden to start in September, general manager Tom Heckert said this, Thursday the Browns selected Weeden to be a future starter — perhaps immediately. It’s unlikely that the Browns would make Weeden, who pursued a career in baseball before playing at Oklahoma State, sit too long before getting a shot. Continue reading

Report: Raiders likely to sign Matt Leinart

Caught up in all the draft hype today was a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, saying that the Oakland Raiders are likely to sign Free Agent QB Matt Leinart during the visit to Oakland he has planned this week.

If the Raiders do sign Leinart, he would be the second Heisman winning QB from USC on the roster, and would presumably be the immediate backup to Carson Palmer, rather than Terrelle Pryor, whom Oakland used it’s third round draft pick on in last seasons supplemental draft.

Matt Leinart may be headed to Oakland

The former 2-time National Champion winner was drafted tenth overall by the Arizona Cardinals in 2006, and has not lived up to his hype coming out as a Trojan, losing the starting job in Arizona to future Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner. After being released by the Cardinals in 2009, Leinart went on to play for the Houston Texans. His time in Houston helped him tremendously. Continue reading

Ricky Williams found Yukking It Up In A Tent Down Under

(Photo Courtesy: Chris Jones - Esquire Magazine)

Well, Ricky Williams is at it again. When he’s not busy busting heads on the gridiron he’s off in some remote corner of the world living a spiritual life. I suppose there’s a joke to be had of living in a tent out in the wild for weeks, even months, and having dreadlocks, but we’ll leave it on the table. According the Esquire Magazine, he’s now in Australia living the dream, away from the “dream.” He told Esquire that only a few people “got him” back home:

“It’s so refreshing to be able to have a real, genuine conversation with someone, just to be able to talk about something meaningful.”

It looks as though Williams is burnt out from the pressures of American life and the expectations of him, to where he wants to continue his minimal carbon footprint living full time. I suppose it’s not a crime nor looked down upon, but when he starts listening the Grateful Dead and Phish on a regular basis, we’ll all know what place he’s in…maaaaaan

Nike to Release NFL Draft Kicks

Not only has Nike taken over the new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams, in honor of this year’s draft, they are releasing 32 pairs of sneakers in various styles for every NFL team.

Judging by the pictures, these kicks look pretty bad ass and I for sure will be picking up the Steelers ones.

Continue reading

2012 NFL Draft: First Round recap

Alas, we know who picked who after many months of speculation. Here is the full first round, with a breakdown of each pick made.

1. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: This one is easy, the Colts released Peyton Manning and are headed in a new direction. They’ll start down the new road with a new Franchise QB in Luck, and they can only hope that they’ll see the same results they did when they took Peyton many years ago.

2. Washington Redskins (From Rams): Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor: Another one we knew was coming. The Redskins gave up quite a bit to get here and they’re hoping it pays off for them. The Skins weren’t too far off a year ago, heck, they went 4-0 under Rex Grossman. The QB of the future has landed in the Nation’s Capital, and they should see great success with him.

3. Cleveland Browns (From Vikings) : Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama: After the Browns jumped up a spot to get here, many questioned why they did it. There were rumors that the Bucs would jump two picks and take Richardson. Browns solidified their position and took the best RB in the draft. He’ll immediately give them an upgraded offense and take a bit of pressure off of Colt McCoy

4. Minnesota Vikings (From Browns): Matt Kalil, T, USC: After they repeatedly said they weren’t sold on Kalil, they selected him fourth overall. He’ll jump in to protect Christian Ponder right away, and it fills the biggest void the Vikings had going into the draft. A solid lineman that would have been hard for them to pass up, which is why they didn’t.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars (From Bucs): Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State: They took Blaine Gabbert tenth overall last year, and he didn’t impress. Many have him slated as a bust already, but he didn’t have anyone with a pair of hands like Blackmon. Blackmon will step in right away and be the true number one WR the Jags have needed, and he should be able to make Blaine Gabbert look like the tenth overall pick they paid for. Continue reading

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Round One (Jim Racalto)

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck – QB (Stanford):

This pick, as suspected from the get go, is already confirmed by the Colts. They are in full on rebuilding mode, and that starts with a franchise quarterback.

2. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III – QB (Baylor):

The Skins traded up heavily to get to the two spot, and it’s a consensus that it will be RGIII. Washington already has  a decent cast in place in other areas, adding this year’s Cam Newton will go a long way for their future plans.

3. Minnestoa Vikings – Matt Kalil – OT (USC):

We’ve heard speculation of Morris Claiborne or Justin Blackmon going here recently, but to me it’s not even a question. They took a quarterback last year with Christian Ponder, and the Vikes have a glaring need at left tackle. Kalil is the best lineman in this draft by far, and he will be protecting Ponder for years to come. Corner is deep in this draft, they can fill that void in later rounds.

4. Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson – RB (Alabama):

Apparently the Browns are willing to stick it out with Colt McCoy at least for another season. He needs more weapons around him, and the best friend of a young quarterback’s confidence is a strong, consistent running game. Richardson is a solid, every down bruiser who will provide that consistency for a team who has lacked a premier back since the overrated Peyton Hillis fell victim to the “Madden Curse.”

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Morris Claiborne – CB (LSU):

Aqib Talib is an off the field hassle who could be serving jail time. Ronde Barber has nothing left, and Eric Wright isn’t exactly good. The Bucs made strides offensively in free agency, and for a defense that struggled against the pass last season adding the best corner in the draft will immediately fill a need for this young team just two years removed from a ten win campaign.

6. St. Louis Rams – Justin Blackmon – WR (Oklahoma State):

Sam Bradford, coming off an injury riddled second season, desperately needs a go to guy, especially after Brandon Lloyd bailed. Blackmon is the top receiver in this draft, and can be the franchise target Bradford needs to get this offense going. He is not huge in stature, but plays far bigger than his size and is the best bet for the Rams in this spot.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars – Michael Floyd – WR (Notre Dame):

I am going with my gut on this one. Justin Blackmon is the Jags preferred pick, and he is off the board. If they trade out of this spot, there’s no guarantee Floyd or even Kendall Wright will be there at a lower pick. Similar to Sam Bradford, Blaine Gabbert needs to answer his critics this season. He will need a big, physical, reliable receiver like Floyd and he will be a starter from day one judging from the Jags current receiving corps.

8. Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill – QB (Texas A&M):

I originally had Tannehill not even going in the first round, but need at the position has catapulted him up draft boards rapidly. Dan Marino has even endorsed the Dolphins selecting Tanny here, and it makes sense because even though Matt Moore played someone adequately Tannehill does have an upside with his athleticism. Selecting him will also bolster fan interest and sell some tickets. It makes sense…I guess.

9. Carolina Panthers – Fletcher Cox – DT (Mississippi State):

I’ve seen Luke Kuechly going to the Panthers if Cox is off the board, but in this instance Cox is still available. He actually fills a glaring need on the defensive line, unlike Kuechly for their defense. The offense is all set with Cam Newton and friends, so drafting a stud anchor for the defense is a no-brainer here.

10. Buffalo Bills – Mark Barron – S (Alabama):

I have seen corner Stephon Gilmore mocked in this spot a couple times, but once again I have to go with my gut. The Bills have some decent young talent at corner in Aaron Williams and Leodis McKelvin, and if Shawne Merriman can stay healthy their need at linebacker is less urgent. Barron is the type of hard-hitting, run stopping enforcer their defense needs, and he also covers well and can switch positions. With the Bills upgrade to the defensive line, they’ll be able to rush the passer and stop the run much better, easing up the responsibility of the secondary. Barron would compliment Jairus Byrd’s ball-hawk skills perfectly, and give the Bills a staple in the secondary for years to come. Continue reading

And the winner of the cover of Madden 2013 is… Calvin Johnson!

For the last few weeks, the Madden franchise of football video games has been holding a bracket-style tournament to determine who the cover athlete for the next installment of their game would be. The winner of the contest was announced today, and when the smoke cleared the winner was Calvin Johnson, the stud wide receiver from the Detroit Lions.

The finals of the bracket came down to Johnson and Panthers QB Cam Newton. In the contest, Cam Newton was granted a 1 seed and Johnson was given a 6. Fans voted for players that were new to the madness that is Madden like Victor Cruz and Patrick Willis as well as former cover athletes like Troy Polamalu and Aaron Rodgers. Continue reading

Wes Welker fires back at Willie McGinest on Twitter

Oh boy, here we go. Former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest, who jumped ship from New England to play for the lowly Browns in 2006, recently laid into current Patriots receiver Wes Welker for his “diva” attitude:

Willie had some harsh words for Wes Welker

“I just don’t like the diva attitude. Let’s keep it real — prior to the Patriots, this is a guy who played three years, had 96 receptions and never had a 1,000-yard season. Due to a big part of the Patriots offensive system and Tom Brady, he’s had five years where he’s had over 100 catches. … Let’s just keep everything in perspective — a big part of [Welker’s success] is due to the Patriots.”

Continue reading

ASU’s Burfict, VT’s Hosley fail pre-draft drug test

According to NFL network and Fox Sports contributer Jay Glazer, NFL teams were informed today that two players had failed pre-draft drug tests. Arizona State’s Vontaze Burfict (LB) and Virginia Tech’s JayRon Hosley (CB). This is just another plummet in the draft stock of these two players, and Burfict is now being rumored to possibly not be drafted at all.

Continue reading

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