32 Free Agency Moves That Make Sense

  • Shane Richardson
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The new NFL season begins March 11th, and with it, the start of the 2014 free agency period. This year, the average cap space is $21.2 million with three teams, the Oakland Raiders ($66.5 million), the Cleveland Browns ($56.9 million), and the Jacksonville Jaguars ($56.1 million), having over $55 million in money to spend. There are only two teams who are still over the cap, the Pittsburgh Steelers ($5.7 million) and the Dallas Cowboys ($17.9 million), which basically means they won’t be huge players in free agency. However, every team will be under the cap by the start of free agency, and every team will bring in new blood to fill out their rosters.

Here’s a look at moves that make sense for every team, whether it is bringing in new players or retaining their own free agents. Additionally, for every potential free agent, his Pro Football Focus rankings from 2012 and 2013 are included to give fans a baseline for the player’s performance over the last two years. Free agents who had a poor 2012 season but played well in 2013 (a contract year) may give teams pause. The contract which would make sense for the team is also included; this is just an estimate because there is always a team who will overpay for a free agent.  Also, there are players who are listed as targets for multiple teams, simply because there will be more than one suitor for the high-profile free agents.

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2 Responses to 32 Free Agency Moves That Make Sense

  • The reason for the Cowboys Fiscal problems is the idiot running the ballclub,What have the Cowboys received in return for their current contract considerations?Exactly they are a 500 ball club and nothing very promising is on the horizon and until JJ relents control to the people who inderstand how to evaluate and sign talent the Karma will continue to bring the misery for the way he treated coach Landry and coach Johnson,In business you must be smart enough to know what you dont know and install people who have those strengths and whats truly sad is that he had a varitable juggernaut formed back in the 90’s with Johnson’s teams and they are a 500 ballclub since and thats the real scoreboard!

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