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49ers & Seahawks fans team up to raise money for Children’s Hospitals

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast
(Photo via Topbet)

(Photo via Topbet)

Like everyone else, we at Down and Distance love a good rivalry. Tough, physical, fight-to-the-death football is a beautiful thing to watch, and football fans are going to get a good show on Sunday when the Seahawks host the 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

There has been a ton of back-and-forth between both fan bases this season. From flying a 12th man flag over Candlestick Park, to a taunting billboard showcasing the 49ers’ Lombardi trophies – it’s been brutal and it’s win or go home for one fan base.

But, despite their differences, each side is doing a lot of good this week in preparation for the rubber match.

The 49ers announced today that fans of both teams have teamed up to raise money for Children’s Hospitals in their respective cities, and that they’ll match up to $100,000 for the fans’ good deeds.


It’s a great gesture by both sides, and even though things may get a little ugly on Sunday, the rest of the football world will have this to look back on, applauding their efforts.

Who do you have in the epic NFC West battle?


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