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49ers Trolling Billboard is up, Just not where fans expected it

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Remember the story we brought you about the 49ers fans who purchased a billboard to troll Seattle Seahawks fans with their five Lombardi Trophies?

Well, the billboard is up and running, but it’s nowhere near Centurylink Field in Seattle.

The Billboard has been erected in Fife, Washington. About 27 Miles away from downtown Seattle, in a little town, not even in the same county, next to what looks like a Junkyard. Wikipedia describes Fife as “a small city located east of Tacoma and consists primarily of businesses such as car dealerships, warehousing and industrial facilities, motels, an Indian casino, drive through smokeshops, quick-dining restaurants, and other highway-side businesses.”

49ers fans were semi successful in trolling the Seattle Seahawks (King5 TV)

49ers fans were semi-successful in trolling the Seattle Seahawks (King5 TV)

The money raised, over $7,000, was expected to put the billboard right by Centurylink Field, obviously it didn’t.  Maybe a Seahawks fan worked for the Billboard company, and accidentally shifted locations around.

Either way, the sign is up and 49ers fans got their wish – just not exactly how they expected it!

A group of Seahawks fans have been planning on Facebook to photobomb the billboard, saying “The 49ers thought they would out do us by putting up a billboard near our stadium.. epic fail since it isn’t even in the same county!!! Let’s get together and show them a billboard doesn’t scare off the 12th Man and have a photo bomb of the billboard. You know how we do!! I’ll be scouting good spots to do this tomorrow and let you all know where. 12th Man RISE UP!!!”


[H/T King5 News]


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