Draft Class 2014: A Look into the Future

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The 2013 NFL Draft is wrapped up, and grades are already being assigned to each teams draft. However the work continues, or will soon continue, for Scouts around the league to evaluate and examine tape for next year’s draft class. So, In an attempt to examine to top 5 players who who will, or may, go into next seasons draft.

1) A.J. McCarron- QB, Alabama

This guy has everything you want in an NFL Quarterback. He’s got a precise arm, good decision maker, and great pocket presence. While his draft stock may be inflated because of his overwhelming coverage due to the fact that he’s in the SEC, he is still a first round selection with the potential to be a great quarterback in the NFL. He had the benefit of having two running-backs who were selected high in back to back drafts, Trent Richardson in the first round in 2012, and Eddie Lacy in 2013, thus making NFL fans question his transition from the Collegiate game to the NFL meaning this is his year to shine. He’ll have to show off the deep ball that we have rarely seen in his game, yet when we view it, it is a thing of beauty, dropping the ball right into his receivers hand. There were a few occasions where his receivers bailed him out, but majority of the time his throws are on the money. If he has a stellar season he will challenge another quarterback, possibly a fellow SEC quarterback, for the first overall pick.

2) Teddy Bridgewater- QB, Louisville

This Big East Quarterback is probably one of the few true passers in College Football. His leadership abilities is second to none, in next years draft. His accuracy and deep throw are elite, and should transition well into the NFL. He has a tendency to let the pocket close in, but his elusiveness allows him to escape and make the throw. If he wants to be successful in the NFL, where pass rusher are faster and better tacklers, he’ll have to take care of that. He has a nice touch on the ball, knowing how high he has to put it to get it over the defenders head.

3) Taylor Lewan- OT, Michigan

Had he entered this year draft, he could have usurped Eric Fisher of the first overall selection, just as likely as Luke Joeckel could have. Jake Matthews will more than likely be one of the first Tackles off the board, but Jake Matthews, who also contemplated leaving college early, may have a word or two before the Draft rolls around. He is large, in a left tackle way, athletic and dominant on the edges making him a perfect fit at the left tackle position.

4) Jake Matthews- OT, Texas A&M

Matthews played at RT, and was going to enter this years draft as such because Luke Joeckel was playing on the left side. With Joeckel out of the picture, Matthews will get a chance to showcase his abilities on the left side. If he flubs, then look for scouts to still consider him as a top five selection as a right tackle, although those are easier to come by.

5) Aaron Murray- QB, Georgia

Like McCarron, Murray’s draft value may be inflated due to being in the SEC. However, he is an exceptional athlete. He’s a pocket passer, with above, to great pocket awareness. He leads his receivers to the ball, on short to medium range throws, but lacks that big arm that some teams look for. He’s similar to Matt Leinart in the fact that he’s a quick tempo dink and dunk quarterback.


McCarron is all smiles looking forward to the 2014 NFL Draft.Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE 



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