Aaron Rodgers brushes it off after Greg Jennings’ sister rips him

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Aaron Rodgers says he did not take offense to Greg Jennings' sister's comments on Twitter last weekend (Credit: AP Photo)

Aaron Rodgers says he did not take offense to Greg Jennings’ sister’s comments on Twitter last weekend (Credit: AP Photo)

On Monday, we told you that during last Sunday’s game against Minnesota, Greg Jennings’ sister ripped Aaron Rodgers on Twitter. Jennings’ sister Valyncia called Rodgers one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the league. She also called the Green Bay Packers cheap and told her brother to head to South Beach and get paid (an obvious reference to LeBron, but a stupid one at that).

With another game against the Minnesota Vikings tonight, Aaron Rodgers responded to Jennings’ sister.

Rodgers, took the high road and said he did not take offense to her comments and would never let her comments come between him and Jennings’ relationship.

That kind of stuff is never going to come between myself and my teammates,” Rodgers said on ESPN Milwaukee, via the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “That’s never going to become between Greg and I. We got a great relationship . . . not going to fault Greg or his sister for anything that was said. I mean it was family and emotions. Not a big deal.”

While Jennings may believe he is unlikely to be re-signed by the Packers, his sister needs to keep her Twitter comments under control. She is not doing him a service by running her mouth on Twitter.


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