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Adrian Peterson: College Players Should Be Paid

  • Shane Richardson
(AP Photo/Genevieve Ross)

(AP Photo/Genevieve Ross)

According to Ben Goessling of ESPN, one of the NFL’s top stars, running back Adrian Peterson, has come out publicly in support of college players getting paid to play. While on a conference call with reporters to endorse Hyperice, a device that cools and compresses injured body parts, Peterson offered another endorsement when he strongly advocated for universities to pay athletes who help the schools to make millions:

Johnny Manziel made Texas A&M so much money. When I was at Oklahoma, they made so much money.

Peterson also spoke out against NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s comments that basketball players should be required to stay in school for two years:

They’re trying to make basketball players go two years in college. Wow. I wonder why? Think about it — just imagine if LeBron James had been in college for two years. How much money would that college have made off LeBron James? They would have made so much money off LeBron James. It’s about the freedom to do as you want and make your own decisions.

Peterson also offered supporting points on why he thinks college athletes should be paid, citing requirements universities place on them while they are with the program:

Nobody wants to live in the dorms for four years. You see the guys who are older, and they have responsibilities. I feel like, as much money as universities make, some of that should come down to the players, as well.

Universities making obscene amounts of money off their programs, and while their athletes do get scholarship rides for their contributions, the evidence is clear that these players should get more compensation for their contributions. Although the vast majority of these students are single, there are plenty who are married and some who have kids, in addition to those whose families at home are struggling to make ends meet. It’s about time universities start sharing the wealth.

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