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Alfred Morris plays paintball with fans

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While playing some paintball for his friend’s bachelor party, one Washington Redskins fan had quite the surprise when he realized who else was at there. Reddit user CaptainCrookedFoot says he was playing paintball with his friends when he recognized Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris. CaptainCrookedFoot added that Morris played paintball with him and his friends for three hours and even met with some of his friends later to go kart.

CaptainCrookedFoot posted some pictures of his friends and Morris together at the paintball location.

Definitely cool to see that Morris was willing to play paintball with total strangers. Seems like Alfred Morris is a pretty cool guy and it is safe to say these guys had a great bachelor party.

Check out the pictures below:

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(H/T: @WillBrinson & Reddit User CaptainCrookedFoot)

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