Andrew Luck: Reggie Wayne is still our leader

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While appearing on ESPN's Mike and Mike today, quarterback Andrew Luck says he still defers to veteran receiver Reggie Wayne (Credit:

While appearing on ESPN’s Mike and Mike today, quarterback Andrew Luck says he still defers to veteran receiver Reggie Wayne (Credit:

Earlier this month, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne told USAToday that he considers Sophomore quarterback Andrew Luck the President of the team. The 11 year veteran also added that he believes he is the team’s Vice President and that the Colts are Luck’s team.

“At the end of the day, he’s our leader. He’s been more vocal this year and rightfully so. I’m the vice president. I’m not the president. It’s his team.”

While Wayne may consider himself the Vice President of the team, Andrew Luck has a different view of the veteran wide receiver.

During an appearance on ESPN’s Mike and Mike, Luck said he still defers to Wayne.

“I still defer to Reggie Wayne as the leader of our offense,” Luck said. “But I think as a quarterback there’s a natural progression of leadership, the older you get. I definitely feel more inclined this year to share my opinion if I feel like it’s necessary, or to talk in front of the guys, or what have you. As a quarterback you assume a natural leadership role.”

Luck added that because the team’s new offensive coordinator is his old Stanford offensive coordinator, he expects to lead in teaching teammates the new offense.

“Not that it’s easier, but there’s definitely a much higher comfort level,” Luck said. “We are technically in a new offense, but I — having played with it in college — makes it so much easier to help teach it, and that is a big part of playing the position.”

Luck is definitely just offering the politically correct answer but it is good to see that he still has respect for the team’s veterans.

Luck needs to continue to grow and become the team leader that defers to no one else.

Surely, that will come in the future.

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