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Predicting the top five NFL offensive and defensive Power Rankings for the 2014-15 season

Which NFL teams will be the top five offenses and defenses of the 2014-2015 season?

Predicition: Top Five NFL Defenses

As the 2014 NFL regular season nears a beginning, it’s time to gather some final projections for how next season will turn out. Predictions are getting more intense as time runs out on pre-season predictions. Before all of these predictions become reality, I figured I may as well follow suit and make some myself. Last season, the top five defenses in the NFL were the Seattle Seahawks in first, the Carolina Panthers in second, the Cincinnati Bengals in third, the New Orleans Saints in fourth and the San Francisco 49ers in fifth place. Will there be a new team at the top next season or will the Seahawks defend their ranking as the top defense in the league. Making these types of predictions is a very fun and enjoyable project to tackle before the season starts. It’s interesting to see how right you are at the end of the season. I feel confident in these decisions and will be rooting for these teams on defense to be at the top, just for my own enjoyment. Enough chit chat, let’s get to these projections and see what you think of them:

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Chiefs QB Alex Smith doesn’t want Andy Dalton’s deal

In the last few days, Chiefs QB Alex Smith and his agent have been in talks with the team to extend his contract after Bengals QB Andy Dalton received a lucrative, long-term deal. Smith has made it clear, though, that he isn’t interested in getting the same type of contract that Dalton received from Cincinnati.

Dalton’s contract, though potentially lucrative, is more of a “pay as you go” contract. The Bengals included a lot of outs should their partnership with Dalton not work out. Alex Smith does not want this type of contract, as he made clear on Saturday.

“I want to get something that’s right that I’m going to play out, absolutely, and that’s definitely a focus of mine,” Smith told USA TODAY Sports after Saturday’s training camp practice.

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey spoke to USA Today and said that he last spoke to Smith’s agent, Tom Condon of CAA, “a couple days ago,” but declined to comment further other than to say he has “great respect” for Smith as a player and person.

But does “great respect” mean that he’ll give Smith the kind of guaranteed contract that he’s seeking?

The Dalton contract is also extremely similar to the contract of Smith’s former teammate, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. These deals are becoming much more common in the NFL. Instead of boatloads of guaranteed money, these contracts are more “show me” deals.

Smith, 30, is looking for stability. Stability is something that the #1 overall pick in the 2005 draft hasn’t seen in his 10 years in the league. His time with the 49ers was during numerous changeover periods for the team, and by the time the team settled into a scheme Smith was on his way out.

Asked directly if he’d sign Dalton’s contract if the Chiefs offered it, Smith said, “We’re on the record. That’s a tough question. Certainly, I think it’s a tough thing. I look at both Andy and Kap and they’re both on their rookie deals. They’re both second-round picks in the new rookie wage scale, so what were their salaries? It’s a very different situation for me.”

In 2014, Smith is due $7.5 million in base salary. After throwing for over 3,000 passing yards and 23 touchdowns as well as guiding the Chiefs to the playoffs, did Alex Smith prove that he’s worth a lucrative contract to the Kansas City Chiefs?

“I would love that,” Smith said when asked if he would like to negotiate a contract before the 2014 season begins. “I certainly don’t want it to carry on into the regular season and be thinking about it. It’s hard to. It’s hard to be dealing with it and eliminate it always. It can become a distraction. Hopefully, it gets knocked out and I won’t have to worry about it.”


What do you think?

Has Alex Smith earned a lucrative contract from the Chiefs?
Is he right in saying that he doesn’t want a Dalton/Kaepernick deal?

Let me know by following me on twitter: @tadjohnsonsk

Preseason Week One: Super Bowl Rematch

Tonight the Seahawks open up the preseason in a matchup against the Denver Broncos. There is a lot of noise coming out of Denver saying they are looking for revenge for the bludgeoning they received from the Hawks in the Super Bowl. This coupled with Pete Carroll’s now infamous, “Always Compete” mantra should make for a decent Exhibition Game. 


PHOTOS: NFL Logos Combined With NBA Counterparts

What if the NFL logos and the NBA logos joined forces to make a joint city logo? The outcome is actually pretty spectacular. All photos are courtesy of the Black Adam Shefter, who is an absolute hilarious follow on Facebook, for the record:


I would have to say my favorite is either the Falcons/Hawks, or the Grizzlies/Titans. Which one was your favorite? Obviously, some of these are a bit forced (example: Cincinnati Bengals with the Portland Trailblazers makes no sense geographically), but either way, pretty cool stuff.
Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

Colin Kaepernick Must Purchase $20M Injury Insurance Policy For 49ers

Photo Credit: AP

The internet exploded yesterday when 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick signed a record-breaking extension through the 2020 season that was reportedly worth up to $126 million. However, NBC’s ProFootballTalk have gathered details of the deal, and it may not as luxurious as advertised. For starters, the alleged $60 million in guaranteed money may be an inflated figure, as it is based on Kaepernick staying healthy, and he will only receive just over $13 million upon signing between the signing bonus, and his 2014 salary. Much of the details around Kaepernick’s contract highlight potential injury concerns, including the Niners requiring Kaepernick to purchase an insurance policy that will pay the team $20 million if he were to suffer a career ending injury:

The contract also requires Kaepernick to purchase, with after-tax dollars, a disability policy that pays the 49ers $20 million if he suffers a career-ending injury.

I highly recommend clicking the link above to PFT’s post, as there are other interesting details about the contract, including how the deal depreciates if Kaepernick doesn’t take the Niners to a Super Bowl or make an All-Pro team. Honestly, precautions make a ton of sense in the new age of the quarterback, where guys like Kaepernick expose themselves to so many big hits (granted, Kaepernick is as good as anyone about knowing when to slide, get out of bounds etc.) by being mobile quarterbacks. Hopefully, he can stay upright and collect all the cash he now has coming to him.

Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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