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Bills will return to Ralph Wilson Stadium Sunday

On Tuesday, the Buffalo Bills confirmed they will return home to Ralph Wilson Stadium to host the Cleveland Browns this Sunday.

Their game against the New York Jets was moved to Detroit this past weekend due to a horrendous snowstorm that left the South Buffalo area in a state of emergency. Buffalo was able to beat the Jets 38-3 to keep their playoff hopes alive.

After a few 60 degree days this week, snow removal became easier, and this progress has allowed for the game to be played in Orchard Park, the suburb of Buffalo that the Bills call home.

Per PFT:

We will play the Browns at Ralph Wilson Stadium,” (Russ) Brandon said, via WGR550.com. “There’s been an enormous amount of progress over the last few days. While we had a difficult hand from Mother Nature last week, Mother Nature certainly assisted this week and with the heat wave that we somewhat had here in Buffalo, and the great efforts by [vice president of operations and guest experience] Andy Major and his staff over the last few days.”

There is slight damage to the stadium, but nothing that would put fans in danger or limit their access. Expect a rowdy crowd at the Ralph, as the game with the Browns has serious playoff implications for both teams. Buffalo is currently 6-5, while the Browns are an impressive 7-4.

Eric Berry’s season over; will visit lymphoma specialist

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry‘s season is over after doctors found a mass on the right side of his chest.

Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder announced the news Monday, saying that Berry will visit a lymphoma specialist to determine a final diagnosis. The Chiefs said the ‘leading consideration’ is that he has lymphoma. Berry was placed on the non-football illness list Monday.


Ohio man claims he was attacked by Johnny Manziel’s entourage

A 33-year-old Ohio man said he was attacked by members of Johnny Manziel’s entourage in a hotel lobby early Saturday morning after he tried to approach the football star.

Chris Gonos told USA TODAY Sports that he spotted Manziel near the elevators at The 9 condominium and hotel early Saturday morning. Gonos, who described himself as a die-hard Browns fan, said he called out, “Johnny Football!” and approached Manziel.


Steve Smith: I “look in the eyes of all my victims”

Ravens receiver Steve Smith was thought to be a little past his prime when he came from Carolina. He’s had an up and down season, but he’s also shown he still has the goods.

Monday night, Smith ate the Saints secondary alive, racking up 89 yards and two touchdowns during the Ravens’ 34-27 win. Despite the inconsistency, Smith is as outspoken as ever with Baltimore back in the thick of the AFC playoff race.

Per NFL.com:

“I made a pact with myself that I’d look in the eyes of all my victims before taking their lunch money,” Steve Smith said on ESPN after the game in reference to Vaccaro. “Anyone can run a go route. Can you cover these multiple routes I’m gonna run? The answer is no.”

When Smith gets fired up, the whole team follows suit. Every team in the AFC North is three games above .500, and the division and wild-card races will most likely come down to week 17 for the Ravens. They’ll need Smith to keep playing at a high level if they plan on getting into the post-season.

Ike Taylor believes Le’Veon Bell is built for November and December

Pittsburgh Steelers’ cornerback Ike Taylor is still currently sidelined with an arm injury. He finds out Monday if he will be cleared to practice for next Sunday’s game vs. the New Orleans Saints. Despite not playing, Taylor has been an emotional leader this season in the way he cheers on his teammates.

Running back Le’Veon Bell has emerged as one of the league’s best – and he is arguably the best three-down back in the NFL right now. Bell is fast, shifty, agile, and has great vision and patience. He lost 20 pounds in the offseason, and his dramatic improvement has everyone talking.

Pittsburgh Steelers  v Green Bay Packers

(CBS Pittsburgh)

The stretch run of the NFL season is coming up, and a workhorse back like Bell can be invaluable in cold weather, rain, snow, and mud. The ability to wear down teams, control the clock and tempo, and basically play ground and pound in bad weather can win football games. Pittsburgh is 7-4 right now and will need to win at least 3 of their next 5 to get into the post-season most likely. Continue reading

Cowboys suing fan for over $7 million

The Dallas Cowboys are suing a fan for over $7 million in unpaid debts.

A lawsuit was filed Wednesday against Dawn Bennett that alleges she rented out a Hall of Fame suite in Cowboys Stadium for $500,000 a year, and she has failed to pay the full amount the last two years.

Per Fox/Dallas-Fort-Worth:

She pays $500,000 a year to rent it – or did until last year. So the Cowboys won’t let her use it until the balance is paid, plus what’s left on her lease agreement.

“This is the same thing as any other standard lease, an apartment lease or anything else; it’s just obviously a lot more higher-end,” said Clint David, a lawyer with Fox Rothschild law firm, who’s not affiliated with the lawsuit.

As in $10 million.

That’s how much Bennett signed her name, agreeing to pay over a 20-year-lease for Hall of Fame suite 242.

The lawsuit states Bennett paid the $50,000 security deposit in Nov. 2007, when she signed the lease. Then, “…from 2008 to 2012, Bennett Paid the annual Lease Fee of $500,000.”

But last year, she paid less than half – only $200,000, followed by nothing this year.

Bennett runs a financial group in Washington, DC, and also hosts a weekly radio show. The lawsuit states that the Cowboys asked for the payments several times. No further comment was made by the lawyers handling the case.

Bills staff picking up players on snowmobiles

An unbelievable amount of snow was dropped on the Buffalo area the last few days. This forced the NFL to move the Bills/Jets game to Detroit Monday night.

As if the Bills weren’t already having enough issues with having a home game taken away and not being able to practice, their players are having a hard time getting to the stadium to head to the airport.

A tweet from NFL Network’s Albert Breer confirmed the chaos in Buffalo:

A fan also tweeted this picture to Breer, where apparently an unidentified Bills players is about to board a snowmobile:

Randy Moss thought Bill Belichick’s phone call was a prank




New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is an expert at picking out highly-talented players who seems to be disgruntled for one reason or another.

Former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss fell into this category when the Patriots called him him on draft day in 2007. Moss is one of the most talented wideouts to ever lace up the cleats. However, he didn’t believe that it was Belichick on the other end when he got the call.

Per NFL.com:

“When I came from Oakland, I was in a dark place,” Moss said, per CSN New England. “I was in a dark place because I was there for two years, I just got traded from the Vikings. Things wasn’t going too well in California. I was away from home. My career wasn’t going the way I wanted it to go.

“I remember I was in Houston, Texas, during the (2007) draft and I got a call from Bill Belichick. I thought it was one of my friends playing. I was like ‘Who is this?’ He was like, ‘Uh, it’s Bill Belichick.’ I was like, ‘Man, get real! Who is this?'”

Turns out it was Belichick on the phone, and Tom Brady to Randy Moss became one of the most prolific combos in NFL history. Well played, Hoodie.

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