Bears Urlacher: “Two of the People I Don’t Care About: Fans or Media”

  • Shane Richardson

Per a story from the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher let loose on the fans and media for their criticism of head coach Lovie Smith in the face of the team’s collapse over the last six games, in which they posted a 1-5 record. Urlacher did not mince words as he sat down with sports anchor Lou Canellis on Chicago’s WFLD news station. The Chicago Bears linebacker was quick to rally to the defense of coach Lovie Smith after Sunday’s 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

“Two of the people I don’t care about: fans or media. They can say what they want to about our head coach, about our players. … It does bother me. They don’t know what they’re talking about, obviously. I know there are a lot of experts in the media, a bunch of smart guys out there who know exactly what they’re talking about all the time. They don’t know what they’re talking about. Lovie is the head coach of this football team and hopefully will be for a long time.”

Urlacher further elaborated on Smith’s coaching style and how the veterans appreciate how Smith addresses issues with each player.

“He’s not going to call a player out in front of the people, he’ll do it privately, which is the way it should be handled. He’s not one of those coaches who’s going to go out there and yell and scream at you. That’s just not his style and we appreciate that. We know when it’s time to play, we just haven’t played well. It’s not his fault we haven’t played well. He can’t get out there and do it for us, we have to do it ourselves.”

Not holding back, Urlacher sarcastically praised the Bears’ home crowd for their booing of the team.

“Our crowd was pretty good today for the most part. They were loud for a minute there, the boos were really loud, which is always nice. The only team in our division that gets booed at home is us. It’s incredible to me. Believe it, don’t believe it, we don’t care. We’re going to go out there and play as hard as we can. The guys that are healthy will play and we’ll do the best we can.”

Urlacher, the defensive leader for the Bears, is currently sidelined with a hamstring injury, the latest in a long list of injuries that have plagued the decorated linebacker. Urlacher may say he doesn’t care about the fans booing the Bears, but when a team fails to perform, it is well within a fanbase’s right to let the team know how they feel about it. The Bears are in a free fall late in the season and are fighting for their playoff lives. After starting out 7-1, they now sit at 8-6 and tied with the Minnesota Vikings.

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