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Bill Cowher says he’ll eventually return to Coaching

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The NFL still has a few coaching vacancies they’ve yet to fill, and names always being tossed around are former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, along with former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

Long-time Steelers head coach Bill Cowher says he will eventually return to coaching (AP Images)

Long-time Steelers head coach Bill Cowher says he will eventually return to coaching (AP Images)

Through recent years, Cowher has withdrawn his name from coaching rumors, but now he says he’ll eventually leave the CBS Studio’s and return to the sidelines.

Neil Best of Newsday recently asked Cowher if he’d ever return to the game, and his answer was simple.

“Yes” said Cowher.

When asked about being away from the sidelines for several years, he said it wouldn’t be a big deal, as he’s covered the game from the studio’s and kept a keen eye on the inner workings of the league.

“I think it’s a non-issue,” Cowher said. “I did it for 27 years. You don’t just forget things overnight. One thing about this job is it’s been really good because it allows me to study the game and do features on the game. I want to know what I’m talking about so I’m watching tape. It’s not like I’m out of it. I know how the game is changing.”

Cowher is 55 and hasn’t been in the game since 2007, winning a Super Bowl with the Steelers. He could become the first coach in league history to win a Super Bowl with two NFL teams, given the right situation – and he wouldn’t return unless the situation was to his liking.

He wouldn’t be the first coach to leave television to return, as Dick Vermeil did so in his career after retiring and spending 15 years on TV, only to come back and win a Super Bowl with the Rams.

Cowher is a hell of a coach, and when he returns it will be a great welcoming in the NFL. We hope it’s sooner rather than later!
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