Blackmon Ready for Draft Day, Open to joining the Browns

  • Jim Racalto

On 92.3 ‘The Fan’ Blackmon talked about his visit with the Cleveland Browns. Albeit he was guarded while talking about the Browns directly, he seemed confident about his chances in this league and becoming the Elite WR he’s being projected to be.

Blackmon had this to say about his trip, “It was a good visit,” Blackmon said of his visit with the Browns nearly two weeks ago. “I thought it was a great place. I met with a few coaches”.

Blackmon broke Larry Fitzgerald’s Sophomore Receiving Record catching 111 throws, for 1,782 and 20 TD’s. He ended his Collegiate Career solidly with 8 Rec’s for 182 Yards and 3 Touchdowns.

Blackmon is also excited about the real possibility that his Oklahoma State Quarterback Brandon Weeden landing in Cleveland. Cleveland currently owns the 3rd, 22nd, and 37th overall picks. “It’d be a lot of fun,” Blackmon said. “Just being there and to (maybe) have Brandon there with me would definitely be a fun process and make it easier to transition”.

Blackmon wasn’t taking away anything from current Browns QB Colt Mccoy, adding this… “Colt McCoy he’s a good quarterback,” Blackmon said. “He’s a competitor and he likes to go out there and compete.”

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