Breaking: Jerramy Stevens Accused of Assaulting Fiancee Hope Solo

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On Tuesday, November 12, 2012 Hope Solo appeared in court with her fiancée, former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens.

Stevens was accused of striking Solo at their home during a party they were having. Police officers responded to a disturbance call around 3:45 a.m., according to

When the police found Stevens hiding under a bed with dried blood on his shirt and face, he stated that he hadn’t heard the fight.  Stevens proceeded to explain that the two were arguing about where they would live after getting married. Based on his account, the dried blood and signs of an altercation in the bedroom, Stevens was arrested on charges of fourth-degree domestic assault.

Both have been surrounded by scandalous news, Stevens arrested for sexual assault in 2000 and Solo claims having been struck by two former coaches and details her benching in the 2007 World Cup.

The two have only been dating for two months but, it is unclear whether they will still get married.


by Katherine Warren

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