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Brett Favre says Johnny Manziel reminds him of himself

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Could Johnny Manziel be a younger version of Brett Favre? (Credit: Bleacherreport)

Could Johnny Manziel be a younger version of Brett Favre? (Credit: Bleacherreport)

While former NFL quarterback Brett Favre may not be playing in the league anymore, he is still very much connected with football. And while it may be twenty-one years since Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1991, he still remembers what scouts thought of him prior to the draft. Favre, who was picked with the 33rd overall pick, says he sees a lot of himself in Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel.

Favre tells Nate Davis of USA Today that he saw all of Manziel’s game against Ole Miss. During the game, Manziel passed for 346 yards and ran for 124, on the way to a 41-38 win against the Running Rebels. Favre says during this game, he thought he was watching tape of himself when he was Manziel’s age.

I almost thought I was watching film of a young Brett Favre,” the old Favre said. ”I didn’t think I did a lot of things well [in college at Southern Miss], but he did. And and I liked the attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ — from that standpoint, I liked him.”

“I didn’t throw near as well as him. He may have that capability — unbelievable throws and can makes plays with his feet. I was impressed.”

The difference between Manziel and Favre may be where they are drafted and their attitude off-of-the-field. Favre was a second round pick, while some are arguing Manziel will be a top-5 pick in May. Manziel has also had a few off-the-field concerns.

However, if Manziel does turn out to be the next Brett Favre, whoever drafts him will get a steal.



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