Broncos fans petition NFL to remove giant Joe Flacco sign at Mile High Stadium

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Let’s say you’re a Broncos fan – you’re pumped to get the season started at Mile High and get revenge against the Super Bowl Champion Ravens on your field.

The same Ravens that sent you packing on a few miraculous plays in the playoffs last season – against the same Joe Flacco that went HAM on your turf.

Would you want his big pretty smile blown up and hung on your stadium?

No, no you wouldn’t.

That’s why Broncos fans are petitioning the NFL for promoting Joe Flacco and the Ravens on their home stadium.



You see, the NFL glorifies both teams on it’s opening kickoff promotion, setting the scene for a great season, but usually the defending champs are opening the season at home. In this instance, because the Jackwagon Orioles couldn’t move one of their 162 games, (even though they reschedule them because of a little rain, pansies.) the NFL had to move it’s opening kickoff to Denver.

Therefor Denver fans have to deal with the cross promotion. Instead of Peyton Manning being highlighted, it’s the Super Bowl MVP.

So, what do Bronco fans do? THEY PUT UP SIGNS AND RALLY DEMANDING TEBOW TO BE THE STARTER! They file a petition, demanding the NFL remove the Joe Flacco Banner!




Roger Goodell, @nflcommish, National Football League


Take the Joe Flacco signage off my Mile High Stadium! Broncos Nation will not endure this detestable and audacious act. Who in their right mind thought that we would just let this fly?! We stand united against your unbearable Joe Flacco signage.


(Your name)

I doubt the requested change will happen, but it’s worth a shot. It’s a kick in the groin. Sort of like hanging a banner of the Brady tuck rule fumble  on O.Co coliseum. As a Raiders fan, I wouldn’t be too happy either.

Oh, I also heard Rahim Moore tried to defend the banner hanging, but he was just short.


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4 Responses to Broncos fans petition NFL to remove giant Joe Flacco sign at Mile High Stadium

  • Flacco’s billboard does not belong in Denver’s Mile High Stadium – Tear it Down and Burn It.
    NFL teams and players home city is their turf – each demands respect and should get it.

  • The Orioles and MLB do not have to react to the NFL. They have a night game in Chicago the day before and then play Chicago again 9/5. Why should the MLB cater to the NFL? Why should the O’s have to reschedule a game this late in the season and when they are in contention? The NFL could have easily made their opening game a Friday night game if conflicts were an issue. Do you think the Ravens really want their post SB-winning season opener to be an away game? The NFL thought they could bully the MLB/Orioles into submission…and they lost. And now it appears both NFL fan bases have to suffer due to the narrow mindedness of the NFL. MLB season schedule was released in February; NFL had plenty of time to remedy and appease the fans.

  • So, who really cares? The remainder of the known world is more likely to be concerned about whether the nation’s beloved Jacksonville Jaguars will actually field an NFL caliber quarterback this season! And we, the loyal fans, are excited over the prospect of a major improvement this fall……from 2 wins last year to at least 3 or 4 this year…..OR (be still my beating heart), even more victories. Go Jags!

  • The Bronco’s are doing what they do best , whine and cry over nothing, Flacco was the MVP he deserves the honor, regardless of which playing field it is can always take your football and go home.

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