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The Buffalo Bills to Stay in Buffalo Past 2020

  • Kyle Pierce

After the death of their longtime owner, Ralph Wilson, the Bills future in Buffalo is uncertain.  According to Kevin Massare, of Forged in Buffalo, the Buffalo Bills have plans in place to make sure the team is in Western NY for the long-term.  Kevin has a source inside the organization that has shared this crucial information with him.

(Photo: David Duprey AP)

(Photo: David Duprey/AP)

The Buffalo Bills are going to implement new provisions so that a new owner will be unable to move the franchise out of Erie County.  The current lease would force a new owner to pay a buyout of $400 million if they wanted to move before the 2019 season.  This would be nearly impossible for most potential buyers to accomplish, but they would be able to after that season for a better price.  The source told Massare that any new offers that include moving the team will be rejected, along with new provisions in the sale agreement that would keep the team in Buffalo for the long-term.   This is great news for Bills fans who love their team and want to see them succeed in Western NY, just how Ralph would want it.


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