Cam Newton Drive being shot down by Atlanta citizens


Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton will not have his name on an Atlanta street after residents argued he was too young (Credit: AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

It seems as though the re-naming of an Atlanta street to Cam Newton Drive has hit a few speed bumps (pun intended). According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Residents of Scarborough Road in south Fulton argued at a public hearing last week that Newton, 23, is simply too young to have a street named after him.

Others, cited the cost of changing personal records.

One woman cited Newton’s theft arrest in 2008 and past drama surrounding his father, who allegedly solicited money from a university attempting to recruit the quarterback.

South Fulton Commissioner Bill Edwards argued that Newton, who went to nearby Westlake High, is an example of someone who “beat the odds.” These folks aren’t buying it. Another public hearing on the matter will take place Tuesday night, but for now, Cam Newton Drive exists only in dreams.

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