Cam Newton: Russell Wilson put a lot of pressure on young QBs

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Cam Newton, Russell Wilson AP Photo

Cam Newton, Russell Wilson AP Photo

Cam Newton was on Dan Patrick Show earlier today and expressed a lot of interesting things with Dan. One of it was Cam Newton’s take on Russell Wilson, who recently won a Super Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks

‘Russell put a lot of pressure on young quarterbacks. We’re no longer young QB’s”, said Cam Newton. ‘Going into my fourth year I want to make that leap, I want to make that stride to become a great quarterback’,  according to the interview.

Later on, Cam Newton discussed about his contract problems. Newton said that he isn’t focused on his contract at all. ‘Absolutely not,my main focus is trying to get my team to the Super Bowl and winning it’

I somewhat agree with Cam Newton on this. I believe that Russell Wilson did put some pressure on younger quarterbacks that need some time to develop, instead of looking like a veteran right of the bat like Russell Wilson or Andrew Luck. Players like Russell Wilson are very rare and usually once in a generation. Russell Wilson revolutionized the NFL and how rookie quarterbacks are viewed and judged.

Cam Newton also responded to some of Dan’s questions beautifully, showing sign of maturity like he has been all year long and being a team first player.

Watch the full interview: 

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