Cam Newton sports Under Armor Superman Cleats

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Panthers’ ‘Super’ quarterback Cam Newton could be seen on NFL Network sporting a pair of specially-made Under Armor Superman cleats.



When Newton finds the end zone, which is often, he’ll typically pretend to rip his shirt off, revealing a would-be “S”.  During Thursday Night Football in Tampa Bay vs the Bucs, all he has to do is point to his shoes.  While they do look pretty awesome if I may say so myself, they’ll surely come at a price.  He’s already been fined $10,000 earlier this year for wearing some visor clips that showed an Under Armor logo, which is a big no-no in the ‘No Fun League’.

To give you an idea of what the fine might be, we go back two weeks ago.  Brandon Marshall was fined $10,500 for a pair of orange cleats that he wore to support Mental Health Awareness week.

In favor of Cam’s pocket-book, he wisely dubbed them his pregame cleats, as he switched shoes before kickoff.  My question is, where can I get a pair of those?

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