Cam Newton To Host Stripper’s “Come Back” Party

I'd probably have that big of a smile too if I was hosting a bunch of strippers in South Beach. Ah, to be rich.

Cam Newton will be celebrating a special kind of athlete tonight, as he hosts the comeback party of stripper Tip Drill, who was apparently sidelined after breaking her jaw during her routine in February.

The party will take place tonight in South Beach, and will be co-hosted by Chad Ochocinco’s girlfriend and VH1′s Basketball Wife front-woman Evelyn Lozada.

I am no expert, but I don’t think that Panthers management is going to like the combination of strippers, reality show queens and South Beach in Cam’s off-season diet. I guess being the Rookie of the Year has special perks, not that Cam would know anything about special perks…


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