Cam Newton’s pay-for-an-autograph session draws nearly 300.

Carolina Panthers quarterback, the sensational Cam Newton, signed autographs in Charlotte Saturday. The catch? To receive an autograph, those who attended had to pay to have items signed, ranging from $125-$175.

Killa Cam spent nearly an hour signing for about 300 people, but it’s safe to say he probably would have been there longer had the prices not been so high. Whatever happened to free autographs? I know I wouldn’t pay that much for a signature, I firmly believe signing autographs for fans is the duty of an athlete.

So, was the turnout a disappointment? Perhaps. But I’m sure pocketing several thousands of dollars for an hour of work will sit just fine with Newton.

4 Responses to Cam Newton’s pay-for-an-autograph session draws nearly 300.

  • Mexoplex says:

    Oh please. Like Cam is the only athlete to do this. He signs more FREE autographs after practices and during charity events that this is a non-issue.

  • RYAN says:

    he should donate the proceeds

  • Isaac says:

    This is an embarrassing situation for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers; an autograph is a gratitude act from the players to the fans, showing their appreciation for their support. After a fan pay to watch a team or a player play and also buying all kinds of the player souvenirs and spend their money, the less that a fan need is to pay for an autographs. What is next?

    An properly apology for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in this manners will show a mature QB that is focus and is ready to lead the team to the playoff. Why the Carolina Panthers apology? Knowing about something wrong and do nothing make you part of the problem, not the solution. Where is the Carolina Panthers management?

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