Cardinals GM thinks Tyrann Mathieu “could be the best playmaker in the draft”

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For former LSU Tiger and now Arizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu, talent has and will never be a question. Anybody can tell you that the guy has NFL speed, agility, and overall talent. It is his off the field issues that shied many teams away from taking him, which is why he fell to the third round of this year’s NFL draft. However, it sounds like Cardinals GM Steve Keim believes Mathieu was worth the risk, saying that he believes Mathieu could potentially be “the best playmaker” of this year’s draft.

Some details via and the NFL Network:

“I don’t know if I’d go out on a limb and say he could become the best corner in the draft,” Keim said. “What I would go out on a limb and say is, he could be the best playmaker in the draft. He just has such unique skill, with instincts and getting his hands on the ball. He’s so opportunistic on the field.”

Keim also understands it will be a growing process for the young man, but feels as if his locker room is conducive to helping the troubled Mathieu grow into his own:

“It goes back to the fact that if you have 53 guys in your locker room, and if 25 of them are character risks, you’d have a real problem,” Keim said. “We feel like we’ve done a good enough job drafting and going through free agency to build some character — not characters — in our locker room, so that we can surround a few guys who may have had some issues in the past that deserve a second chance and an opportunity to succeed. You look at your locker room, and you have to feel like you have some stability in place, so you can take a chance here or there.”

When you have someone with Mathieu’s skill-set, it seems like a great low-risk, high-reward proposition for the Cardinals that could ultimately give them the best corner to come out of this draft. Mathieu should be helped by being reunited with Patrick Peterson, another LSU alum. Hopefully, the Honey Badger is appreciative of the second chance he is being given, and doesn’t take it for granted.

By: Frank Santos

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