Chad Johnson headed to Jail for 30 days after slapping his attorney on the buttocks

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Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson will be spending the next 30 days in Jail due to a probation violation. The violation stems from charges brought against him by ex-wife Evelyn Lozada, where he allegedly head-butted her during an argument.

Johnson will see 30 days in Jail after slapping his attorney on the buttocks

Johnson will see 30 days in Jail after slapping his attorney on the buttocks

A warrant was put out for his arrest last month, and he was brought in and released until his court date today.

At court, a plea deal was entered that was accepted, but the court withdrew it after Johnson gave his attorney the old ‘good-game’ butt slap, according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.

Johnson hasn’t played in the NFL since the Super Bowl against the Giants in which he was playing for the Patriots. He had a short stint with the Dolphins, but was released shortly after his initial arrest.

He told Skip Bayless on ESPN’s First Take that he wanted to come back to the game and retire the right way – but it’s not looking bright for the self-proclaimed future Hall of Famer.

There is no Twitter in Jail, so Twitter will be a different place for the next month or so without Ochocinco.

Update: Courtesy of TMZ, here is video of the incident. As you can see, everyone but the judge got a kick out of it.


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