Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has his whale wallet stolen

  • Luke Willis

Former NFL star wide receiver Chad Johnson has been criticized his entire career for his actions and attitude on and off the field. Now that he’s been out of the league for a few years, he still can’t catch a break as someone stole his beloved orca whale wallet out of his car.



Johnson first said that he wasn’t worried about what was in it, but then tweeted that there was one thing he hated to lose…


Oh, and if you’re wondering what the embedded “Orca” is all about, Johnson was sent a wallet made by a fan and apparently it held a lot of sentimental value. Here’s a picture of it.

(photo via @ochocinco)

(photo via @ochocinco)


Although his gold Starbucks card can be replaced easily, a wallet like that is hard to come by. He is trying to find the follower on Twitter that sent it to him, but no luck yet. Oh, the exciting life of Ochocinco.



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