Chad Ochocinco signs with Miami

After Chad Ochocinco was released from New England last week, he has landed in familiar territory.  The South Florida native has agreed to terms with the Miami Dolphins per his site, OCNN on a 1 year contract.  Despite the lack of stats as a Patriot, the Dolphins are hopeful that Chad will be beneficial to a team who has struggled with catching the ball consistently.  This also gives the team a boost being that Brian Hartline is having some undisclosed issues concerning his leg.

Ochocinco was forced to sideline his true identity in exchange for a roster spot with the Patriots, which I believe ultimately has hurt him.  This is a player who excels while in the limelight, and with his fiance’s television show being in Orlando, plus the opportunity to be apart of ‘Hard Knocks’, and returning to his childhood roots, this appears to be a great fit for the 6-time pro-bowler.

Chad doesn’t create a negative distraction, but rather thrives off of the spotlight.  Miami has many young receivers working to find their niche, and perhaps a highly successful veteran could give them the edge to make a huge impact in the passing game.  I’m sure Matt Moore would love to be able to have a go-to guy, especially if Hartline has any setbacks.


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Sports-Kings NFL Contributor – Austin Peat

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