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Chiefs OC on Alex Smith: He’s the best in the League

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Now before I write this, I want to make it clear that I am 100 percent a Homer for my Utah Utes. I can keep an unbiased opinion on the NFL at all times, but when it comes to college football there is only one team.

Chiefs OC Doug Pederson says that Alex Smith is the best QB in the league. (DAvid Eulitt/KC Star)

Chiefs OC Doug Pederson says that Alex Smith is the best QB in the league. (DAvid Eulitt/KC Star)

With that said, former Ute Alex Smith has finally made a name for himself in the NFL. After helping lead the 49ers to glory, he was benched for current Niners signal caller Colin Kaepernick, and eventually traded to the Kansas City Chiefs where he’s expected to help them get out of the NFL’s basement.

I think Alex Smith is a good quarterback and I’m a Utes homer, so I was upset when he was replaced by CK7 – but Jim Harbaugh is a head coach for a reason, and that was a better move for the 49ers.

Smith struggled early on in his career – up until he had consistency  (and a coach with coordinators that knew what a football was) – where he grew as a passer and showed people he could be worthy of the number one overall pick in which he was selected.

Enter Kansas City where Smith has another opportunity to shine under Andy Reid (one who can mold an NFL QB from clay), and OC Doug Pederson. Smith has the skillset and the tools to get the job done, as long as he has the right system in place, as with every other NFL quarterback.

So far, both sides have been impressed with each other in training camp, and the Chiefs are excited about what they have in place. So much so excited that Pederson says that Alex Smith is the best quarterback in the league.

“Ultimately, every team has to have a quarterback,” Pederson said, via The Kansas City Star. “I think we have the best in the league.”

I said I was a Utes homer, but even I don’t think Smith is the best in the league. Of course I think he’s a good quarterback, but the best in the league? No.

Aaron Rodgers gets that title from me. Pederson knows there are a lot of great guys in the league, but puts Alex on a higher pedestal than them.

“There are a lot of great ones,” Pederson said. “But over time, Alex has proven he can get it done. He’s a sharp guy, he brings a wealth of knowledge, he’s experienced, he’s a proven winner the last couple of years, and he needs a team to embrace him.”

I think the Chiefs definitely got their guy and he’s going to do well. I’m glad they have the confidence in him to lead them to war, but even I think that calling him the best in the league is a bit of a stretch.

Go Utes!


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