Chris Johnson: People need to do their jobs

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After another disappointing start, Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson blamed those around him for his poor performance (Credit: AP Photo)

After another disappointing start on Sunday, one in which he amassed 17 yards on 8 carries, Chris Johnson is showing us that maybe his performance in 2011 was not an aberration and that his play has truly declined. Following the game, Johnson was asked why the team’s running game has struggled so far this season. Initially, Johnson said the team was just not executing well enough, but after a minute of thought and expanding on his answer, Johnson seemed to point fingers at others for his mistakes.

Johnson suggested that some members of the Tennessee team need to do a better job of doing their jobs.

“People need to step up and do their job,” Johnson said, via John Glennon of theTennessean. “They don’t need to let people beat them. It don’t matter who the opposing defense is, you can’t let your guy beat you. You just can’t give up plays. You have to make plays like they make plays. I can’t speak for the defense. I can only speak for the offense.”

From the sounds of his comments, it looks as though Johnson wants to blame his offensive line, which is not an unjust complaint. The line has changed a lot of personnel from the days when Johnson was regularly breaking huge runs and that’s certainly a factor in why Johnson has run for just 21 yards on 19 carries in the first two games. It’s not the only factor as the Titans offense has sputtered thanks to injuries at wide receiver, Jake Locker’s growing pains and Johnson’s own downgraded play.

If the Titans want to salvage their season, they better turn around their offensive woes and do so quickly.

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10 Responses to Chris Johnson: People need to do their jobs

  • “People need to step up and do their job,” No shit, how about you step up and do the job they’re grossly overpaying YOU for before criticizing anyone else Princess.

    • His pay has nothing to do with the fact he’s not getting any blocking. If you watch even a single quarter of Titan football you’d know he gets met in the backfield almost every time. You try getting smacked around and blamed like that and then see how long you play silly little good soldier

  • I agree…I have him on two fantasy teams now and traded for him late last year on one of those. Why I drafted him again this year (instead of MJD, AP, Trent, etc.) is beyond me! No character, no substance.

  • The previous 2 comments are, well, absurd. I’m sorry fellas but the Titans O-line is awful. Put any star running back behind a bad O-line and you get little to no productivity from your RB…same goes for a QB, etc. Maybe CJ isn’t giving 110%, but let’s be honest….he’s not the problem here. Poor Locker is doing his best to make things happen but even he has to scramble to make a decent throw. The Titans are looking like a 2011 Colts team.

    • The O-line is the biggestissue the offense has but not the only issue. Nobody wants to say it so I will. Jake Locker is not a professional Qb. Even when he gets protection hes throwing the ball into the dirt or throwing it way too high. He routinely misses wide open recievers. You cant fix that.He cant throw! Hes the worst Qb tennessee has had in at least 15 years. If we cut bait with him and place Hasseback under center we could at least complete enough passes to get those safeties out of the box! Maybe Cj can see some running lanes then!

  • Of course the flip side of Byran’s comment is if you put any running back behind a really good o-line he looks like a star. 2,432 yds in last 34 regular season games works out to 71 yards a game, compare that to rashard mendenhall of the steelers who has 2200 yards in last 31 games (start of 2010 season for both) behind an offensive line that at times has been truely offensive during that time. Good thing CJ held out when he did to get elite level money for mediocore talent. Wonder if the Titans are able to hold him out next training camp to redo his contract and pay him what he has showed he is worth

  • Well CJ has it almost correct. You have 2 HOF offensive lineman on the staff and the O-line has not been able to block worth a crap for over a year. Chris, how ’bout picking a hole and hitting it and stop dancing around. And whats with the D??? I don’t have a problem with them playing a zone, but you have to close it down and get on top of the receivers. If they just need some guys standing around in areas of the field to make it look like a zone defense, I’ll volunteer. I already have a jersey and will work cheap.

  • Does anybody remember the lousy detriot lions but how great barry ran. CJ will probably say it was a lot of luck. That was pure talent, something CJ will never have.

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